Working with others to achieve a common goal.


Success Indicators

  • Participates
  • Exchanges Ideas
  • Shares Responsibility


  • Students working together in groups interdependently
  • Conversations
  • Rich tasks that require collaboration, tasks have depth
  • Every student gives input
  • Manager facilitates the process
  • Building skills


  • Assign meaningful roles
  • Vertical learning
  • Anecdotal notes
  • One common writing surface for the group
  • Rich tasks-open ended, multiple solutions

1st grade at Auburn working together to sort recyclables


First graders work together to sort recyclables.

1st graders at Chandlers selling bubble gum for their PBL for math, social studies, and writing project


First graders sell bubble gum as part of their PBL for math, social studies, and writing.

Candle Making

Algebra 2 students work together to make candles based on polynomial models.

LCHS Carnival

Precalculus and Math for Business students collaborate to create carnival games.


First grade students collaborate to decide how to pick up trash in their school.

School News

Students discuss and research news, write teleprompt scripts, and post to social media.

Idea Design

Students share design ideas to construct a house of cards.

Leadership Summit

Students evaluate and formulate ways to positively impact school culture. They create a plan to empower other students through a leadership training program for elementary students.

making towers

Students collaborate to create towers that will withstand the "shake-table."

Geometry gallery walk

Students work together to solve questions relating to the Geometry standards.


Cheerleaders collaborate to perform a routine at a district competition. 


Collaborator k-12 Continuum