Mrs. Linda Sanders - School Counselor

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Address: 900 Sauk Street, Lodi, WI 53555

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K - 12 Overview

The Counseling and Guidance Program in the School District of Lodi is based on the dignity and worth of each individual. The student is unique and significant with potential, rights and responsibilities.

Choices made in the process of social, personal, educational and vocational development carry a lifetime of influence. Lodi's school counselors, depending on their designated grade levels, stress self-awareness, social awareness and knowledge of decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Counseling and guidance services are intended to supplement and complement the instructional and administrative aspects of the educational process. This process has the specific task of helping each student develop as completely and positively as possible. It is through developmental, remedial and preventative measures that the counselor plans with students, parents, teachers, administrators, the school psychologist and other community representatives, to provide the most appropriate experiences possible for each student.

Counseling and guidance services are delivered to all students in the classroom, and to groups and individuals when appropriate. Parents / guardians who have questions about the counseling program are encouraged to contact the counselors at the respective buildings. If you do not want your child to participate in specific guidance activities, please contact the building administrator.


It is understood that the counseling relationship will be goal oriented, having specific purposes in mind and that the content of this relationship will be confidential, maintaining the highest ethical standards in the best interest of the student. The Guidance Department follows the Ethical Standards for School Counselors as outlined by the American School Counselor Association. In the area of confidentiality, we adhere to these standards which state that we maintain confidentiality unless a student is in imminent danger from another person or themselves. We may consult with other professionals if we determine that it is in the best interest of the student to do so.

Available Counseling and Guidance Services:

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING - is a goal oriented relationship that focuses on a student's growth in self-understanding, on decision making skills, and on taking responsibility for self.

GROUP COUNSELING - designed to increase a student's self-awareness and ability to relate to and communicate with other individuals. The counselor's responsibility will be to facilitate personal and social growth.

CLASSROOM GUIDANCE - is designed and implemented by counselors to serve the developmental needs of students.

PLANNING CONFERENCES (Grades 7, 9, and 11) - are designed for individual students with their parents to facilitate future planning and goal setting.

PLACEMENT - the counselor places students in classes appropriate to their needs, abilities, and interests. High school students receive assistance for post-secondary planning.

ORIENTATION - the counselor orients new students and their families to the school and the community.

PARENT CONFERENCES - the counselor meets with family members in order to maximize the student's educational experiences.

CONSULTATION - the counselor serves as a resource person to teachers, school personnel, administrators and other referral agencies.

REFERRAL - the counselor makes referrals within the school system and to other agencies and schools when appropriate.

ASSESSMENT - the guidance department works with the administration in coordinating and evaluating the testing program.

PUPIL APPRAISAL - is utilized to assist the students in maximizing their potential. This will be done through case studies, review of records, group counseling, one-to-one counseling, assessment, and conferences with staff and parents.