• Chrome Book Carts
    • Available for check out by teachers for whole class use. Email to request the day or days needed for the lessons. Teachers email several date options. You will receive an answer within 24 hours and a Google Calendar invite to your reserved date/time.
    • Organized and labeled. To be picked up and returned, organized, to the library each day.
  • Individual Chrome Books
    • Available in the library for use while in the library.
    • Students and teachers may use upon request.
    • Must be returned and checked back in properly.
    • Short term check out only (ex. an hour at a time/class period at a time, 30 min. at a time, exceptions are made)
  • Teacher Laptops, DELL
  • Projectors for the classroom
  • Document Cameras for the classroom
  • Bamboos for the classroom, very limited based on quantity
  • USB enabled Microphone (to be used in the library for Podcasts, etc.)
  • Ozobots / Sphero Robots / Dash & Dot Robots
  • Circuits / Light box / Virtual Reality Goggles as well as Google Expedition
  • Calculators for class, checked out to Teachers

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