Students learn about Digital Literacy through scheduled library lessons. It is important to understand the effects of Digital Citizenship through exploring Cyber Bullying, Citing Resources, Netiquette, Digital Footprints and The Impact of Technology on Society. Use this page to explore the actual Library Lessons and additional resources accessible to our community.

PARENTS...Talk to your kids about what they do online. ASK them questions, GIVE them TIME to answer, OFFER them options for exploring online, JOIN your kids in their online endeavors, and TRY to become TECH FREE @ the dinner table. USE each evening while you are having dinner with your kids, to talk to them about their day, your day and how they've been using the INTERNET. ***Students that come in and discuss their parent/kid conversations with the librarian may receive a FREE Writing Utensil or even a larger AWARD.

Blank Unit Organizers and Frames are available upon request in print and digital copy. Simply email annie.colvin@lockhart.txed.net for the link.

Students: Use these presentations to fill in your frames.

#1 Copyright Laws Introduction
# 2 Citing Resources & Ethics Copyright Laws

Students: Use this presentation to take notes on properly citing your resources for research. Give credit to the websites and materials you use. Learn how, here.

Cyberbullying Digital Life
Digital Footprints Digital Life
Netiquette Digital Life
The Impact of Technology on Society
Unit Organizer Digital Literacy LJHS Library

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7th Social Studies Copyright Laws
7th Social Studies Citing Sources Settlements of Texas
SS Citing Resources WS Social Stui