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To be classified as a Senior you must have 18 Earned Credits

_____ Learn ALL admission, scholarship & housing deadlines to every school you are interested in.

_____Update your Campus2Careers profile, resume' etc., for jobs and internships locally and beyond.

_____ Complete and submit all college/university & trade school admission applications before Thanksgiving

online @ for Texas colleges or for private & out-of-TX

_____Submit all college scholarship applications…earlier is better! Some have a Dec. 1st deadline!!

_____ Take/Retake the SAT and/or ACT tests (for 4-yr college entrance or scholarships)

_____Free practice for SAT and ACT @

_____ Obtain college catalogs to compare degree plans; hardcopy or online

_____ Work on Career Cruising portfolio@ [username: Lockhart, password: Lions]

_____ Visit colleges during fall or early spring; set up a tour when students are on campus. College Day Visit forms are

available @ Career Center to be picked up 4 days prior to trip for pre-approval.

_____ Secure letters of recommendation, as necessary, from teachers, principals, etc.

_____ Check out the FAFSA website for required financial information @

_____ File FAFSA and other Financial Aid Forms Starting October 1st. Complete the FAFSA for all schools!!!

_____ Send in college/university & trade school admissions & scholarship applications– double check deadlines

_____ Take the ASVAB (free skills test – learn what you are good at)

_____Check scholarship, financial aid, college planning resources @

_____ Visit with college students over the Winter Break; learn ‘tips’ about how to make the college processes easier,

what can you do now to make your college experience even better?

_____ Check out ACT/SAT practice and financial aid possibilities @


_____Complete any financial aid forms for the specific schools – see their web pages under ‘financial aid’

_____ Apply for Local Scholarships

_____ Update schools with any new information; do you need to send a 7th semester transcript in January?

_____ Check for your Student Aid Report (SAR) results from your FAFSA (view it online with your PIN)

_____ Correct SAR (FAFSA) if necessary ASAP

_____ Check with colleges for “Credit by Exam” options

_____ Complete Housing forms and Housing Deposits to college you will attend

_____ Make sure your college gets your TSI scores - ASSET, COMPASS, THEA (or your TAKS scores if you

are exempt from these tests because of high scores on your TAKS test).

_____Sign your financial aid Award Letter for the college you will attend (one) and return it to the college


_____Order final transcripts from LHS and ACC to go to the college(s) that you have decided to attend

_____ GRADUATE!!!


The ACC College Connection Program assists students through each step of the college admissions process, with the end result of lifetime acceptance into ACC after high school graduation. [TSI, college proficiency level testing, is required to enter into ACC or any other 2 or 4-year public college]. All admissions and testing are scheduled at Lockhart High School. Testing is required for Texas colleges unless a student is exempt by one of the following:

SAT Scores, TSI exemption: COMPOSITE SCORE (CRITICAL READING + MATH) = 1070 minimum, with CRITICAL READING = 480, MATH = 530

ACT Scores, TSI exemption: COMPOSITE = 23 minimum, with ENGLISH 19, MATH 19.

Transcript Request Form

College admission applications, and some scholarship applications, require a student's official high school transcript.

A Transcript Request Form is the release form required to request a student's transcript. It will be mailed to the selected college or scholarship address by the Registrar once it is turned in to her in the Counseling Office.

The form can be picked up in the Career Center, at the Registrar's Office, or can be downloaded then printed from the file below.

Complete the student information and signatures on the form. List the college(s) and/or scholarship addresses where the transcript is to be sent. Then turn in the form to the LHS Registrar. Each transcript is $1.00 if ordered at least 5 business days prior to requested mailing date, or $5.00 if "rush mailing" (if transcript is requested in fewer than 5 days before needed). Only one form is required for the senior year; students can add requests to the same form throughout the year.

LHS Transcript Request form
College Application Checklist.pdf

College Application Checklist

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