Career Cruising was developed with one goal in mind: making a comprehensive career guide that people will truly enjoy using. Career Cruising has four main sections: Career Matchmaker, Explore Careers, Explore Education and Training, and Portfolio Tool. Begin by going on the web to:

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Career Matchmaker is a great starting point for people who want to find careers that suit their interests. Matchmaker is based on one of the most respected interest assessment tools in the world. It starts by asking 39 questions. For each question, there are 5 responses to choose from: Dislike Very Much, Dislike, Does Not Matter, or Like Very Much. There will also be additional questions to answer to help to point you to career areas that match your answers. Career Matchmaker provides a list of 40 suggested careers, ranked according to how well they suit the user's interests. Users can learn more about any of these careers by clicking on the career name.

Explore Careers section contains hundreds of in-depth career profiles. Users can search for career profiles in several different ways:

Search for Careers - enter a career name for a keyword search, Search by Index - look up occupations using the alphabetical index, Search by School Subject - select a subject and see related careers, Search by Cluster - select a cluster to see which careers it includes, Career Selector - use factors like education level, income, and working conditions to find suitable careers.

Explore Education and Training section includes information and tools to help users plan the education and training they will need to begin their career. This section can be accessed at any time by clicking on the Schools button in the top menu bar.

Search for Schools - enter a school name for a key word search or search by state, Search for Programs - type in a program name or search by cluster, School Selector - use factors like location, majors offered, and admission difficulty to find suitable schools. Financial Aid -look up financial aid programs by name or use Financial Aid Selector to find suitable financial aid programs.

Portfolio Tool - users can create their own online portfolio to keep track of their career development activities and develop a career plan. The Portfolio Tool also contains a resume builder that allows users to produce a customized resume using the information they have stored in their portfolios as well as any additional information they choose to add.

The more students know about their own interests, the better their training and career choices. Learn more about yourself and your trade, technical, college and university options now!