Address: 906 Center Street, Lockhart, Texas 78644 Phone: 512-398-0300


Luciano Castro, Principal

Matthew Altman, Associate Principal

Patricia Estep, Assistant Principal

Delia Cruz-Fernandez, Assistant Principal

Terence Gahan, Assistant Principal


New Grade Level Info for Counselors

If you are looking for your grade level counselor information, you've come to the right place!

Please feel free to email your counselor with any questions you might have. Also, you may reach the Counseling Center by calling 512-398-0330.

9th Grade Counselor

Name: Kelly Voight


10th Grade Counselor

Name: Pam Andrews


11th Grade Counselor

Name: Deanne Franco


12th Grade Counselor

Name: Cyndi Barnett


Please complete this form requesting a schedule change. The counselor will call you to the office if the schedule change is approved. You need to use your school email address to complete this form.

Schedule Change Form

Transcript Request Form

College admission applications, and some scholarship applications, require a student's official high school transcript.

A Transcript Request Form is the release form required to request a student's transcript. It will be mailed to the selected college or scholarship address by the Registrar once it is turned in to her in the Counseling Office.

The form can be picked up in the Career Center, at the Registrar's Office, or can be downloaded then printed from the file below.

Complete the student information and signatures on the form. List the college(s) and/or scholarship addresses where the transcript is to be sent. Then turn in the form to the LHS Registrar. Each transcript is $1.00 if ordered at least 5 business days prior to requested mailing date, or $5.00 if "rush mailing" (if transcript is requested in fewer than 5 days before needed). Only one form is required for the senior year; students can add requests to the same form throughout the year.

LHS Transcript Request form