College and Career Center

Ms. Veronica Suarez Office Hours Contact Information

Lockhart High School 8:20 am- During All Lunches- 4:45 pm Office Phone: 512-398-0379

College and Career Readiness E-Mail:

Seniors please share your acceptance letters with Ms. Suarez in room 204.

We want to celebrate your success!

Congratulations to Qynton De Los Santos on your acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin!

Congratulations to Spencer Nelson on your acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin

Congratulations to Arieah Alvarez on your acceptance to the University of Texas at San Antonio!

Congratulations to Chloe Dionne on your acceptance to Baylor University!

Congratulations to Kasey Brown on your admission to Sam Houston State University!

Congratulations to Alexandra Hernandez on your admission to Victoria College!

Congratulations to Michael Gonzales on your acceptance to the University of North Texas!

Congratulations to Marcos Mojica on your admission to Oklahoma State University!

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Exams Coming Up:

TSI: November 10, 2018 FREE click the link to register: TSI Registration

SAT: December 1, 2018 - Late registration deadline November 20, 2018. Must have your ticket, photo ID and arrive on time!!

Free SAT & PSAT practice @ Khan Academy

ACT: December 8, 2018- Late Registration Deadline is November 19, 2018.

Free ACT practice @ ACT Academy

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