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Photo Credit: Scott Mikulski

Official "Camp Coffee" Movie Trailers

Behind-The-Scenes Footage


Scott Mikulski files this behind-the-scenes report emphasizing the tools and techniques involved with filming Camp Coffee. He's keen to address the true to life roles of the film's writers, set builders and other crew as important keys to fostering a collaborative work environment.

Mia Jones files this uniquely edited report that focuses on two Camp Coffee characters' on and off screen personalities. One is a lead cast member, the other is an extra who kind of stumbled into her role and also happens to be a jack-of-all trades.

Nick Hornberger files this behind-the-scenes report that, not only pulls the curtain back on Camp Coffee, but provides an overview of the Academies of Loudoun and how programs like Television Production and Moviemaking help creative arts students find their niche.

Joseph Annunziata files this report about Camp Coffee's diversity and what happens when a student's "imagination comes to life." He points out what it takes to pull a full feature film together from start to finish, particularly for novices with little to no experience, as well as what it takes to "make it in the film industry."

Trinity Santiago files this report first from the classroom where the brainstorming began after the treatment was handed down by Camp Coffee's director, then moves into the studio and field with some of the actors who detail their enthusiasm about their first ever on camera performances.