The Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit began in the 2011-2012 school year at Dominion High School. Students inspired by their experiences at the Asia Pacific Youth Leadership Summit, hosted by the Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore, were eager to create opportunities for their classmates to expand their perspectives on global issues and consider their roles as global citizens.

Upon their return, students in the Global Ambassadors Club at Dominion, with the help of their sponsors Jennifer Rodgers and Michelle Quirin, submitted a proposal to the Pepsi Refresh Project and engaged the entire community in securing $10,000 in funding through an online voting campaign. That year, Dominion High School hosted six delegations in the Dominion International Youth Leadership Summit, the first student initiated, student planned, and student facilitated summit of its kind in Loudoun County and perhaps the entire United States. Dominion High School also received a grant from the Loudoun Education Foundation to support the inaugural program in 2012.

Eager to expand the incredible learning experiences created by the summit, Dominion partnered with neighboring Park View High School in 2013 to host the Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit; the two schools worked to develop a model for participation of multiple Loudoun high schools. This model has evolved and expanded to engage even more Loudoun County students and international delegates in opportunities to learn from each other and consider how they can impact the world. Likewise, several of the participating international schools have now also began hosting summits.

The Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit serves as an example of the power of young people to create a community of global citizens.