Academic Framework

The Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit engages international participants and Loudoun County students utilizing the leading global education frameworks.

The Asia Society's global competence framework, which emphasizes the development of skills that empower students to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action, serves as the pedagogical framework for summit activities.

Each year students in Loudoun County select four global issues that they want to address with their peers from around the world. Invariably, these issues link with the Global Goals established by the United Nations, empowering students to be part of a larger movement to address global inequality. Resources from #TeachSDGs and the World's Largest Lesson empower teachers to engage students in learning about these issues in connection with summit.

Curriculum from the Peace First Challenge is utilized to engage students in developing action plans to address global issues in their communities. In 2017 four groups of Loudoun students were awarded mini-grants of $250 by Peace First to implement their action plans.

Dozens of Loudoun County teachers are able to utilize the summit as a springboard to engage thousands of students across the county in authentic learning opportunities consistent with the school district's One to the World initiative and incorporating Project Based Learning.