Need Tech for CORE?

Unfortunately, PFHS does not have enough devices to provide normal student laptops during CORE.

That leaves you with two options.


You are allowed to bring in your own device - laptop, tablet or phone - to use on the LCPS-Open wifi network. We suggest that if you use a phone, you purchase a bluetooth keyboard to make it easier to use. With a keyboard, it's amazing how much you can get done! There are apps for Google Classroom, VISION (Moodle), LCPS Go, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. so you can work right on the phone.

This is an example of a bluetooth keyboard that works on Apple and Samsung devices, for $19.

If you are looking for a place to get a laptop with an educational discount, try Notebooks for Students. They are a non-profit organization which refurbishes iPads, computers (including Macs) and Chromebooks. NOTE: Do NOT pay extra for Office 365, because LCPS students get it for free.

2-Laptop Lending Library

A local company donated several Dell Latitude laptops for us to use. Our tech team installed Windows 10 and got them in working order for you to check out.

How Do I Get One?

    • Print, read & sign this agreement
        • You can get hard copies from rm152a or from one of the folders hanging on the wall in the foyer, near the cafeteria & in the science hallway
    • Have your parent/guardian sign the agreement
    • Turn the agreement in to rm152a so we can create your account as a Lending Library member
    • Check out a laptop! You can take it for a period or all day, just return it by 4:15p

What Can I Do with the Laptop?

    • Access the internet
    • Reach & edit your school documents through LCPS Go/Office365/Google Drive
    • View your grades through StudentVUE
    • Programs:
        • Open Office (similar to Word)
        • Audacity (recording audio)
        • Some also have jGrasp & Eclipse
    • Save documents to Google Drive or LCPS Go
    • Save documents to a USB

What Can I NOT Do with the Laptop?

    • Print
    • Save documents to the computer (they delete automatically on restart) - instead use a USB or save them to Google/OneDrive/LCPS Go
    • Take it home

When/Where Do I Return It?

All laptops are due to rm152a by 4:15p each school day. You are not permitted to take them out of the building. We do not have charging cords for you to take them home. If you do not return the laptop at the end of the day, you will lose the privilege of borrowing a laptop for a week. If you do it again, you will lose the privilege permanently. You are responsible for any loss or damage that happens to the laptop while it is checked out to you, so please take care of it.

If you have any difficulty with the laptop, or you run low on charge, please return it to rm152a. We will check that one in & check out a different one to you.