CORE Tutoring

Need help? Get it here! Simply find your CORE period below to see what tutoring is available during that period.

Every teacher posts their tutoring times and planning periods on their school website. If you need help in a particular subject, search your teacher and see when they are available. Send an email to that teacher to ask if you can get extra help. If they respond yes, their email will help you fill out a CORE pass.

Example Email:

Dear Mr./Ms. ____, May I please come see you during __ period tomorrow? I could use some help with _______ and you are listed as offering support in room _____ that period. Please email me back to let me know. Thanks, __________.


National Honor Society (general peer tutoring): Our students will be covering a table in _________ to offer help during _________. (more info coming soon)

Spanish National Honor Society: Contact students individually to set up a time to meet for help.


Science National Honor Society is offering science help in room 219 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30a-9:10a. The room will be manned with SNHS members that can help students with completing science work, studying for tests, assembling projects, editing research papers, etc.


HW Club is a good support for students needing a quiet space to work after school or to get tutoring. Greg Zawistowski is the lead on HW Club if you have questions; he’ll also be making a flyer for staff if you’d like to put it on your website or post it in your classroom. The club starts 9/10/19, from 4:15-5:15 pm in the library.

Activity buses run each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and depart PFHS at 5:30. Please note that this is a regional service – stops may be different than student regular bus stop.

Supporting staff for HW Club are:

  • Greg Zawistowski (SPED)
  • Melanie Reed (Science)
  • Pamela Davis (ELL)
  • Dewey Daniel (Science)

Other peer tutoring information will be added when available.

If you have any suggestions on how this process can be improved, please let us know!