Google @ SBHS

Google Requirements (2018-2019)

At SBHS we are a fully integrated Google School. As a school we have agreed on the following guidelines for Google use:

  • All teachers will use Google as the primary platform to post course information for students and parents. This includes homework and resources.
  • Everyday we will answer 3 questions in our Google Daily Summaries or our Google Live Syllabus:
            • What did we learn today?
            • What homework do we have?
            • What resources do we need?

Posting your Daily Summaries - 2 Options

Live Syllabus - Get Template Here (select make a copy to add your own copy to your Google Drive)

Daily Summaries: In Google Classroom select Add Announcement, provide the answers to the 3 Questions and attach any necessary resources. Post to your stream.

Remember: Google Drive is your workspace, Google Classroom is where you share files back and forth with students

Join the SBHS Teachers Learning Google Together Classroom! - Join Code is: 2ogy5hb

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