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Accept credit cards with us and we guarantee the lowest processing rates!

 Direct connection to all the credit card networks.

  Continued Best Rate Guarantee

  ACH and Zero Fee Processing! 

  Free Processing Equipment

  No long term contract!

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Who is Your Merchant Services Company?


While selling merchant services for the big banks, I was frustrated with the lack of flexibility and rates that seem to increase monthly.  So I left and went to the top five largest processing companies and locked in their lowest rates and founded Locked Merchant Rates.   Using my Master's in eCommerce, I developed my company in the spirit of old school business and the nearly limitless options provided to us by an online world.  Always on the leading edge to introduce and take full advantage of the latest programs and cash discounts.  Rest assured, the biggest names and the best services are ever in your arsenal when it comes to taking care of business.  So, what can you expect from my company?  To put it simply, savings!  I offer the best programs that eliminate all your merchant fees and the flexible services to provide what you need now and assistance to grow your company in the future.  


Brad Matheson


Locked Merchant Rates

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Flexible Services to Help navigate Your Business

SBA Loans & Private Investor Loans:   A variety of funding options for your business to grow.

24/7 Customer Support:  Help that you need, anytime you need it!

Free Processing Equipment:  The latest terminal hardware provides chip (EMV), mobile phone (NFC) and POS options.

ACH and Zero Fee Credit Card Programs:  Join the thousands of merchants who use ACH and Zero Fee Credit Card Programs.  I save my merchants hundreds of thousands of dollars each month with ACH and Zero Fee Processing!  You will never pay merchant fees again.

Locked Rates:  We don’t give you these low rates and then raise them three months later.  If your on a Zero fee program than your merchant services bill will always be $0. You'll never have to haggle with companies over rates ever again.

Continued Best Rate Guarantee:  If you find a better rate as a new or existing client, and I can’t beat it, I will give you $500 with my best wishes with your new provider.

12-Hour Funds Availability:  The continued health of your ledger depends on your funds not being held up.  Your processed transactions are available within 12 hours.

Representation in Charge-back Disputes:  I provide expertise to help you beat frivolous disputes and save you more money!

Gift & Loyalty Card Programs:  Gift cards and loyalty programs encourage ongoing business.  Furthermore, they give your business credibility and brand recognition that is an extension of the service you provide to the customer whenever they visit.

Set a course toward better rates and more efficient business processes.

  You work hard to provide your customers the best goods and services.  I do too.

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