Google at LNS

Having trouble with Google Classrooms?

Please see below for a quick guide on how to use Google at home.

Google Classroom


To access Google Classroom either:

  • Download the "Google Classroom" App (Warning: Some Android devices don't seem to be working with the App, if this is the case, try accessing through web browser - see below).
  • Type "" into any web browser.

Student log-in:

Every child has been given a school Google log-in and password. It is composed of 6 numbers followed by ""

For example:

  • Common mistake - make sure you use this LNS log in and password to access Google Classroom, NOT your own Google log-in or the classes/homework will NOT appear.
  • If a password needs resetting or a pupil needs reminding of their log-in, please see admin staff before school or during break/lunchtime.

Parent/guardian email updates:

As a parent/guardian, you DO NOT need to sign into Google Classrooms, only your son will have an account for this. Instead you can receive daily or weekly updates to your email address about his homework.

Parents will eventually all receive email updates on their child's homework/progress/achievements through Google, if they opt for this. We are using the email addresses we have saved on our system to "invite" you to this service.

  • Please inform us if you have changed your email address.
  • You should receive an email from Google Classrooms inviting you to become the "guardian" of your child. You can then choose whether you receive daily or weekly email updates on homework, due dates, etc.