Center for Wellness and Positive Health (CWPH)

Organizes Workshop on

The Role of Alternative Therapy in Healing Chronic and Psychosomatic Diseases

17 Dec – 20 Dec, 2021 (Online Mode)

In the fast-paced world today and the associated stress, work pressure and sedentary lifestyle, each one of us is suffering from one or the other form of chronic diseases. Sometimes we keep suffering for long due to being ignorant about many alternative therapies which are very effective and can give permanent cure for many chronic diseases. There are some therapies which are drugless and highly cost effective. They can contribute a lot in our life in making us healthy, productive and happy. This four-day workshop is being organized to make us aware about some of the alternative therapies and the diseases that they can cure.

This four day workshop consists of eight sessions, each dedicated to a particular theme. The speakers are all adept in their field; however, the level of the lecture has been kept introductory so that everybody can understand it well and choose the right therapy and right expert when the need arises. The workshop will cover lectures on the following topics:

· Diet and Nutrition

· Integrative therapy

· Naturopathy

· Intermittent fasting

· Yoga and Pranayama

· Meditation

· Exercise therapy

· Pranic Healing

· Reiki

· Acupuncture

· Acupressure

· Ayurveda

· Homeopathy



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Dr Amit Neogi

Center Lead, CWPH

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This workshop is not a replacement for any medical treatment. One must consult a doctor/expert in respective alternative therapy for any kind of illness or ailments. This workshop is for education purposes only. CWPH cannot be held responsible for any medical problems/sickness/emergency arising out of one’s practice and learning in this workshop.