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Hooda Math

Cyberchase Math Games

1. Regrouping subtraction how-to

2. Fractions how-to do it

3. Long division how-to-do-it

4. Geometry reference

5. How-to fractions with UNLIKE denominators

6. Graphing

7. Multiplication foundations and practice (also timed table completion)

8. Division preparation and practice

9. Compare fractions to decimals and practice

10. Working with integers

11. Convert decimals to fractions

12. Adding and subtracting fractions (how-to videos)

13. Adding and subtracting fractions (games)

14. Perimeter (cyberchase)

15. Word Problems (adding, subtract, multiply, divide)

16. Word Problems how-to video

17. Multiplication facts practice (games)

18. Multiplication games

19. Ordering numbers and skip counting

20. Odd and Even numbers

21. Symmetry

22. Probability games

23. Area of a shape made of rectangles

24. Area and perimeter of rectangle

24b. Area and perimeter (video)

24c. Area and perimeter (games)

25. Understanding graphs

26. Handling Data (graphs)

27. Decimals adding and subtracting how-to

28. Decimal games

29. 2D and 3D shapes games

30. Adding, subtracting, missing operation

31. Multiplication how-to games (med. med.hard, hard)

32. Rotations, turns using angles in degrees, clockwise, etc.

33. Fractions made easy

34. Squaring numbers games

35. Word Problems database (percents, fractions, add, subtr., multply)

36. Calculate angles

37. Calculate angles 2

38. Kung Fu angles (3 levels)

39. Ratio rumble

40. Coordinates Grid games

41. More coordinates

42. Patterns and sequences

43. Patterns and sequences (primary grades)

44. Measurement and volume

45. Mad Money

46. Making change

47. Prime numbers

48. Estimation contraption

49. Estimation games

50. Tens, hundreds, thousands models

51. Evaluate Algebraic expressions

52. Basic Algebra Skills

53. Simplify expressions (join class 68A6-3EE5) class login

54. Surface, area, volume

55. Geometry, construct nets, match shapes to jackets, etc.

56. All about fractions, percentages.

57. PBS super WHY (math)

58. Convert fractions to percents how-to and questions

59. Fractions Jeopardy (common denominator)

60. Missing digit division

61. Measurement, time, mass, money

62. Missing factors, and multiples

63. Geometry, angles measurement, coordinates

64. Negative numbers games

65. Find the mean, mode, median game

B. McgrawHill math book games 5th grade

C. McgrawHill math book games 4th grade

D. McgrawHill math book games 3rd grade

6th khan MAP activities.pdf

2-5 Khan Math MAP activities.pdf