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Welcome to Social Studies at Mesa!

We cover the entire history of the human civilization from Mesopotamia and Egypt (in 7th grade) to the Civil War in Industrial Revolution (in 8th grade)... actually we stop there, but everybody knows that nothing important happened after the end of the 19th century.

Check the links above to be redirected to each teacher's classroom website, read below to see more specifics and what students will know and be able to do by the end of the year, and view the videos below to meet the Social Studies teachers.

7th Grade Essential Standards:

  • I will be able to read a passage and determine the central meaning of that passage, as well as, determine the difference between Primary and Secondary sources.

  • I will be able to make a claim and use reasons and evidence to support that claim.

  • I will be able to use appropriate and relevant sources to support my claims.

  • Students will be able to read several types of maps(physical, political, topographic) while using the key, compass rose, and understanding of scale factor to locate different physical features, locations, and political boundaries. Students will also understand how climate, vegetation zones, resources, and other factors affect where people choose to live.

  • I will research and understand how basic social structures work: faith based government, monarchies, feudal systems, dynastic systems, and democratic republics. I will also also explore how laws and rules are implemented and affect the daily life of citizens who reside within those social structures.

  • I will learn about different philosophies and belief systems and how the drive the formation of social structures, rules, and practices. Philosophies include those by Eastern Philosophers like Confucius and Lao Tzu, to Western philosophers like Zeno and Maimonadies. I will also be introduced to several religions including, Christianity, Shintoism, Zen Buddhism, and Islam. I will also compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the different philosophies and belief systems we study.

  • I will learn about different Medieval World Achievements and determine which have the most impact on our world today.

  • I will learn that through global exchange and cultural diffusion, cultures have a profound impact on each other. I will also evaluate the positive and negative effects of cultural diffusion.

8th Grade Essential Standards:

Content Emphasis:

  • What were the causes and effects of European colonization in North America?

  • Why was there an American Revolution? Causes and effects?

  • How and why is power divided in US govt?

  • What are the basic rights protected under the Bill of Rights?

  • How did the United States add new territory and what were the causes and effects of these additions?

  • How did differences between North and South lead to a debate over slavery and eventually the Civil War?

  • How have events from the past shaped our modern world?

Common Core Emphasis:

  • Claim Reason Evidence (focus on Reason)

  • Speaking/Listening

  • Research/Source Analysis

Mr. Alarcio

Social St. 7, Maker 7/8
My name is Mr. Alarcio. I am your 7th grade social studies teacher, this year we are going to be exploring civilizations all across the globe during the middle ages. I might also be your teacher if you are an 8th grader in Maker 101! In Maker we are going to be learning to think outside the box and to stretch our creative abilities to their limits. It is going to be a fun and definitely interesting year, I can't wait to get started!

Mr. Logue

Social St. 7, Digital Media Arts 8
Mr. Logue Graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1989, then went on to serve four years in the USAF. A veteran of the Gulf War, Mr. Logue was honorably discharged in 1992. Mr. Logue received his BA in Liberal Studies in 1998 from Cal Poly SLO, then went on to receive a CLEAR multiple subject credential from Chapman University. He also holds supplementary credentials in Math, Art, & Social Studies.

Mr. Fastlaben

Social St. 8
Welcome to US History! It's hard to believe, but this is my 13th year at Mesa Middle School. I look forward to teaching you about the triumphs and tragedies of our complex past and getting you ready for high school! I love my family, teaching, the Dodgers, bacon, video games, football, reading, music, those little crispy fries at the bottom of the In-n-out tray, and of course long walks on the beach. I can't wait to meet you and finally get back to work! Let's do this!

Social St. 8, AVID
I teach 8th grade Social Studies and AVID. I’m widely recognized to be the smartest, coolest, funniest, and most humble teacher at Mesa. I like surfing, fishing, hiking, camping and generally playing outside. This year I’ll be working really closely with my good friend (and sometimes mortal enemy) Mr. Fastlaben. We both take our jobs really seriously, but also like to have a lot of fun at work. This year we’re going to look closely at the historic events that are unfolding everyday right now and use them to explore how our history has shaped our nation today.

Mr. Lindgren

Social St. 7, PE 7
Hello Mesa Hawks!My name is Mr. Lindgren and I teach 7th grade P.E. and 7th grade World History. I am excited to get back to school because I'll get to meet new students and see our staff, even if only virtually for now. This year is a new adventure for all of us and I'm ready for a new routine of learning and physical activity. I am proud to be a Mesa Hawk and I know that you will be too! We have the most amazing staff, teachers, and students!
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