21st Century Student Tools

Paulding Students and Staff have access to the following 21st century tools.

Each Lucia Mar Student, grades 2 - 12, has been issued a Google Account.

Paulding Google accounts offer anytime access to communication and collaboration tools. These tools provide applications such as: email, contact lists, calendars backed by a robust online office suite for file creation with cloud based storage. Google Apps for Education provides a safe and secure work space* where students can work independently or with classmates. Google apps are a green solution offering students online access to teacher worksheets and paperless methods of turning in assignments.

* Student Google accounts cannot communicate with or accept communication from any accounts outside of the lmusds.org domain.

Students have 24/7 online access to the Paulding library collection. From here you can:

  • Find your next book.
  • Locate Research Material.
  • Check on due dates.
  • Save a list for future reading.
  • Place a book on hold.
  • Write a book review.

Do you know your Genre Personality?

See Mrs. Pavlich and take the survey. Find the books that will keep you reading.

Are you a "Thrill-Seeker"?

Maybe you're a "Realist"

Through the MackinVia e-shelves Paulding students have access to over 250 non-fiction Ebooks that have been handpicked to align with Paulding's curriculum.

MackinVia Help Tools

The ETC Portal is an online portal compiled by the San Luis County Office of Education and offered to all Paulding Students and Staff. This portal links free resources for learning along with research databases.