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Request for Placement Change

Waiver Request Forms: If the end of the year passes and you are still not in agreement with the level recommendation, you may fill out a Waiver Request form, which you can pick up in the School Counseling office. The Counseling office is open all summer from 7:30 - 2:30, Monday - Friday. Mrs. Forcina will be available. Forms are due Friday, August 2nd to the School Counseling office. Each student may fill out ONE Waiver for the upcoming school year.

Please note, School Counselors are off for the summer and may not have access to email. For all waiver questions over the summer, please contact Mrs. Forcina at, or (215) 938-0114. Forms must be picked up and returned to Mrs. Forcina by August 2nd.

Filling out a Waiver Request does NOT automatically mean you will be scheduled into the course. The following criteria must be met:

    • You have met the pre-requesites for the course.
    • There is room in the selected course.
    • There is room in your schedule to fit the selected course.



Friday, August 2nd: All Wavier Request forms must be handed in to the school by Friday, August 2nd to be considered.

Friday, September 6th: We anticipate that schedules will be released during the week of August 27th. Once you have your schedule, the final deadline to make any schedule changes is September 6th, via the Drop/Add Window. Every effort has been made to schedule all required and requested courses through the master scheduling process. Unfortunately, due to the many factors involved in building the master schedule, not every request can be accommodated.

The following are reasons to request a change during the Drop/Add Window:

    • If you are missing a core academic/major course.
    • If you are missing an assigned lunch period.
    • If you are missing a graduation requirement.
    • To exchange a study hall for an elective.
    • To exchange an elective for a different elective without disrupting the rest of the schedule.

The following are not reasons to request a change during the Drop/Add Window:

    • To request a teacher change.
    • To request a different lunch period or study hall.
    • To accommodate end of day sports commitments.
    • To request a level change.


  • Level Changes: Level recommendations can only come from a teacher. If you are unhappy or in disagreement with the level you have been recommended for, you should discuss the selection with the teacher who put in the recommendation. School Counselors cannot change recommendations from teachers without their approval. The teacher has until the end of the year to make changes to level recommendations. If the teacher is changing a level recommendation, they will contact you and the School Counselor to let you know, and to make changes in the system.
  • Advanced Placement Classes: We WILL NOT DROP OR CHANGE any AP courses after the scheduling window in March closes. The schedule is created around the AP courses, so once those are loaded and filled, they cannot be changed. If you are signing up for an AP class, make sure you are prepared to complete the summer assignment and complete the course, as they will not be dropped or changed for a different AP once the fall starts. The only exception to this is if an AP does not fit with your current course selection. In this case, you will receive an email or phone call over the summer to alert you to this, and you'll be able to discuss different options.
  • Elective Requests: We truly attempt to honor as many elective requests as possible, but they are loaded in AFTER all major courses and graduation requirements. If you were unable to receive some or all of your electives when you see your schedule in August, please reach out to your School Counselor. During the drop/add period the first week of school, your School Counselor can help find electives that fit into your schedule.
  • Credit Limits: We recommend that every student maintain a minimum of 6 credits per school year. If you are under 6 credits, we will find electives to get you to that point.
  • Graduation Requirements: If you are missing any major graduation requirements and they are not in your schedule after the year you should have taken them, such as AMC (10th or beyond), Personal Finance (12th grade), Critical Writing (9th and beyond), PE (every year), or Health (9th and 12th), please let your School Counselor know so we can fit them into the schedule. This is particularly important for seniors!