Dr. Sarah Gulish

Lower Moreland High School Music Program


Thank you for visiting my teacher webpage! Please use the links below to access content for the classes I teach. If you have any questions or want to know more about my work, send me an email (sgulish@lmtsd.org).

My Philosophy

Students are inherently creative and curious. 21st-century learners need opportunities for creativity and collaboration in a supportive classroom environment. As an arts educator, I have the unique opportunity to teach students from a range of backgrounds and experiences. It is my goal to create a sense of welcome in our learning space, to encourage students to create work that is both meaningful and personal and to provide students with the skills they need to collaborate and be reflexive individuals.


I have been teaching at Lower Moreland School District since 2007. My current course load includes Creativity and Collaboration in the Arts, Beginning Guitar, Music Performance and Production, String Orchestra, and Chamber Strings. Check out each page for specific information about the course, an events calendar, and information for students.


One of the amazing things about our music program is that students have opportunities to play music both IN and OUT of school! Our extracurricular performing events (that anyone can participate in) include Notes of Hope, Java Jam, and Soulstice. We also schedule regular shows at the café, Be Well, that are open to the entire student body. Email me for more about these events and check out the guitar page to learn about our after school Rock Band Club.

Professional Work

I love writing, researching, and presenting about music and music learning! Check out the Professional Work page to learn more about how I contribute to the field of music education.