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PowerSchool FAQs

PowerSchool 的常見問題

Below are answers to common questions about PowerSchool.


What is PowerSchool?


  • The "P" logo to the right will be used to indicate PowerSchool
  • 右方"P"的標誌將代表PowerSchool。

PowerSchool is an easy to use, all-in-one, web-based student information system (SIS) that allows students, teachers, and parents the ability to access student information, school announcements, your child's time table and attendance, homework, CCA registration and more from any Internet enabled device.

PowerSchool是一個容易使用,而多功能的網上學生資訊系統。這系統容許學生, 老師和家長查看學生資料, 學校通知及學校政策等等。

PowerSchool allows you to view all of your children's information using only one user account.

PowerSchool 可讓您使用單一帳戶來查看您所有子女的資料。

PowerSchool App


To sign up for CCA/OES activities, click on Signups and follow the on screen instructions.


We do not use or support the use of the PowerSchool App.

The PowerSchool app does not support Chinese characters, has features we are not using at this time and does not support features we are using.

We ask parents to use the PowerSchool webpage to view the website: https://powerschool.isf.edu.hk



家長請使用網頁版PowerSchool: https://powerschool.isf.edu.hk

An Overview of Online Resources for Parents & Students


The presentation below is an overview of the online resources used at The ISF Academy and Preschool. It is not a complete list of the resources but it explains the most important tools and their purpose. They are:

  • PowerSchool
  • Moodle
  • LMS Google
  • The ISF Academy Mobile App

Below this presentation you can find additional information about PowerSchool.



  • PowerSchool
  • Moodle
  • LMS Google
  • The ISF Academy Mobile App


Start of Year Presentation for Parents

Logging into PowerSchool: Which User Account Do I Use?

登入至PowerSchool: 我應該使用哪一個帳號?

All ISF parents are issued parent user accounts and a parent email address.

Your PowerSchool user account is the parent user account for your eldest child enrolled in The ISF at the start of the 16/17 school year.

For example: The Lee family has 3 children:

  • Grade 8: Nicholas - parent account: p0011111
  • Grade 5: Christina - parent account: p0022222
  • Grade 2: Coco - parent account: p0033333

The Lee family would use Nicholas' parent account, p0111111, to login to PowerSchool.




  • 八年級:Nicholas -家長帳戶:p0011111
  • 五年級: Christina - 家長帳戶:p0022222
  • 二年級: Coco - 家長帳戶: p0033333

李氏家庭將會使用 Nicholas 的家長帳戶(p0011111)來登入PowerSchool。

What is My PowerSchool Password?

我的PowerSchool 密碼是?

Your PowerSchool password will be emailed to you.

PowerSchool is NOT linked to The Portal. Unfortunately this means your PowerSchool and Portal password are not automatically the same.



  • Do I use the same username and password for PowerSchool and The Portal?
    • Same username
    • Different passwords

If you cannot find or did not get the email with your PowerSchool password please contact: psadmin@isf.edu.hk

  • 我是否使用同一個用戶名稱和密碼來登入PowerSchool和Portal?
    • 用戶名稱相同
    • 密碼不同


Do I Need a Separate Account for Each of My Children?


No. Your PowerSchool parent account links all your children's information to one parent account that allows you to view each child from that account.

For parents who are separated or divorced, an account can be created for each parent. This is only done under special conditions. Please contact PowerSchool support if this applies to you.

不用。您的PowerSchool 家長帳戶連繫閣下所有子女的資料至一個家長帳戶。您將可以透過同一個帳戶來查閱您所有在弘立書院就讀的子女資料。


CCA/OES Registration


To view CCA activities you have registered with click on Signups.

Which Account Do I Use to Login to The Portal?

我該使用哪一個帳戶來登入The Portal?

To login in to The Portal you need to use the parent accounts and passwords linked to each of your different children. For most ISF parents these are the accounts you have previously been using.

  • For example: The Lee family has 3 children, they would need to login to The Portal using any of their 3 parent accounts:
    • Grade 8: Nicholas - parent account: p0011111
    • Grade 5: Christina - parent account: p0022222
    • Grade Y2: Coco - parent account: p0033333
  • Contact The IT Department if you need help with your Portal user account: portaladmin@isf.edu.hk

您需要使用連接每名子女的用戶帳號及密碼以登入至The Portal。


  • 例子:李氏家庭有三個小孩,家長需要分別使用三個不同的帳戶來登入The Portal以查看不同子女的資料。
    • 八年級:Nicholas -家長帳戶:p0011111
    • 五年級: Christina - 家長帳戶:p0022222
    • 幼稚園二年級: Coco - 家長帳戶: p0033333
  • 如需任何有關Portal帳戶協助,請即聯絡IT部門:portaladmin@isf.edu.hk

Problems Logging into The Portal with Different Parent Accounts

(this is for parents with more than one child)

Parents with more than one child may experience difficulties when trying to log in into The Portal with their second parent account.

This problem occurs because the Internet browser you are using remembers the last account you used to login making it difficult to switch accounts. Even if you logged out. There are two solutions to this problem.

The First Solution: Use Different Browsers

If you have multiple children the easiest solution is to use different browsers for each child. For example, use Google Chrome to login with parent account #1 and Firefox to login with parent account #2.

The Second Solution: Restart Your Browser

If you quite and restart your browser it will forget the last login you used. The steps for this are:

  1. Open the browser you want to use
  2. Log into PowerSchool
  3. For parent account #1
    1. Click on The Portal icon on Parent Resources
    2. Login to The Portal with parent account #1
    3. View the information you want to see
    4. Log out using the logout button located at the top right of the page
  4. Quit the browser
  5. Restart the browser
  6. Log into PowerSchool
  7. For parent account #2
    1. Click on The Portal icon on Parent Resources
    2. Login to The Portal with parent account #2
    3. View the information you want to see
    4. Log out using the logout button located at the top right of the page
  8. Quit the browser

Which Do I Use: The Portal or PowerSchool?

我該使用哪個系統 : The Portal 還是 PowerSchool?

  • Use The Portal to view school records on your children that happened before June 2016.
  • Use PowerSchool to view school records on your children from the start of school August 2016.
  • Information will be migrated over to PowerSchool over the coming years but you will still be able to login to The Portal. (See "Which Account Do I Use to Login to The Portal?)
  • The Portal is still used for some services like the Parent/Teacher Appointment system and the uploading of support documents.
  • 請使用The Portal來查閱貴子女於2016年6月前的學校紀錄。
  • 請使用PowerSchool來查閱貴子女於2016年8月開學後的學校紀錄。
  • 貴子女的所有資料將會盡快轉移至PowerSchool,但您仍能夠登入The Portal。(請參閱"我該使用哪一個帳戶來登入The Portal?")
  • 將會繼續使用The Portal來 註冊家長/教師的預約系統及上載証明文件。

What is the Difference Between PowerSchool and The Portal?

PowerSchool 和 The Portal 的分別?

  • Use PowerSchool to view up to-date information about your children. PowerSchool will have the current information about your children from August 2016.
  • Use The Portal (a link to The Portal is available once you login to PowerSchool) to view archived information about your children

PowerSchool is a modern, flexible online-service that will better support The ISF community's growing needs and expectations. PowerSchool has some features that are the same as The Portal, and PowerSchool has other features that are better.

  • PowerSchool lets you manage all your children from one account
  • PowerSchool supports Putonghua
  • You can view your child's time table
  • Improved homework viewing and parent resources
  • Access school documents
  • Can be viewed using any browser
  • Can be viewed on mobile devices
  • You will be able to update family records year round
  • View and update your children's medical information

  • 請使用 PowerSchool 來查看貴子女最更新的資料。PowerSchool 將會顯示貴子女由2016年8月後的最新資料。
  • 請使用 The Portal (當您登入PowerSchool後,您將會看到前往The Portal的超連結)來查看已存檔的貴子女資料

PowerSchool 是一個現代及靈活的網上服務,能更有效地支持ISF日益增長的需求和期望。PowerSchool 有一些功能與The Portal相同,但它也有一些比The Portal更好的功能。

  • PowerSchool 讓您只需使用一個帳戶便可處理閣下所有子女的資訊
  • PowerSchool 支援中文操作
  • 您可以查閱貴子女的時間表
  • 改善查看作業和家長資源
  • 參閱學校文件和資料
  • 支援使用任何瀏覽器
  • 可以使用手提電話查閱
  • 您可以隨時更新家庭紀錄
  • 查閱及更新貴子女的醫療紀錄

What Can I See on PowerSchool?


What Can I See on PowerSchool?

  • Demographic data - phone numbers, address, identification details, medical and health
  • Teacher information
  • Student time table (schedule)
  • Homework
  • School Calendar
  • Circulars
  • Handbooks
  • Old school reports


  • 個人資料 - 電話號碼、住址、身份證資料、醫療及健康紀錄
  • 教師資料
  • 學生時間表(行程)
  • 作業
  • 校曆表
  • 通告
  • 手冊
  • 舊有的學校紀錄

What Won't I See on PowerSchool?


What won't I see on PowerSchool?

  • Can I see a list of students in my child's class? Not at this time
  • Grades
  • Any data on your child before July 2016
  • Class materials
  • Homework alerts


  • 貴子女之班名單 (現時不適用)
  • 成績
  • 所有有關貴子女於2016年7 月前的資料
  • 課堂資料
  • 作業警報

How to View Homework

You can view a log of assigned homework for your child. Log in to PowerSchool, click on Assignments located on the left side of the screen.

Here is an example of a homework assignment:

What is Moodle?


Moodle is used by the teachers to share classroom resources with the students and to collect assignments. Parents do not need to check Moodle. They should check PowerSchool for information on the performance of their children.


Can I Change Language in PowerSchool?


Yes. Parents have the option of using English or Chinese. You can chose the language you want to use when you login.


How Do I Reset My Password?


  • From PowerSchool's Login Page, parents can click on Forgot Username or Password? which will direct you to a page that requires you to provide your parent username and parent email address for resetting password purposes OR
  • Once you logged into PowerSchool, click on Account Preferences and select the editing icon to change your password
  • 在PowerSchool的登入版面,家長可點擊忘記用戶名稱和密碼?這會連接至另一個版面,您在輸入家長用戶名稱和家長電郵地址後,便可重設您的密碼
  • 當您登入PowerSchool後,點擊帳戶喜好設定, 然後選擇編輯標誌來更改您的密碼。

Who Do I Contact If I Am Locked Out?


If you have any difficulties logging in please email: psadmin@isf.edu.hk Please use your ISF parent email so we can verify your identity.

如果您在登入PowerSchool時有任何問題,請聯絡:psadmin@isf.edu.hk 請使用您的ISF家長電郵地址以便我們驗證您的身份 。

What If There Is An Error With My Child's Record?


Go to the Demographic Update link and update the information.


Who Do I Contact If One Of My Children Is Missing From My Account? 如果我發現其中一名子女未有聯繫到我的帳號,我應該聯絡誰?

If a child has not been linked to your parent account please send an email to: psadmin@isf.edu.hk Please use your ISF parent email so we can verify your identity.

如果您其中一名的子女尚未連接到您的用戶帳號,請聯絡:psadmin@isf.edu.hk 請使用您的ISF家長電郵地址以便我們驗證您的身份 。

To view the Primary Timetable 如何查看小學部時間表

To update details in Demographic 更改資料

Notifying school of absence 向學校提交缺席申請

Joining PTA & Parent Communication 加入家長教師會/家長群組通訊

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