Intranet and Cloud development

we can't use the same solutions to address the changing demands of the work force and the ever rising cost of business

Intranet and Corporate communication

Getting companies back on the same page. 

The changing face of work means addressing new opportunities with new solutions. Having found that workers prefer hybrid environments, faced with every increasing security concerns and still faced with keeping changes in mission and team communication is always a key challenge and the more traditional ways are a path to dissatisfaction and in some cases loss of team members and efficiencies. 

increase efficiency, communication between teams and keep everyone moving in the right direction.

It's more than just accessing the server

While access to key company information in a controlled, secure environment is foundational. It's only the start of building the unified work and communication structure your company needs.

We believe a company dashboard and intranet should be more than just a link to key phone numbers or projects.

Bringing your team together, wherever they are.

With Google Workspace acting as your unified collaboration platform you'll be able to have secure, controlled access to your data, projects, calendars, instant messaging and video collaboration.

When you're ready, we're ready.

One of the major challenges for a small team to adopt a platform is that many qualified developers will create a great product and unfortunately provide minimal training and Change Management. Whether it be Salesforce or Google Workspace, we provide comprehensive training and onboarding as part of every project we work on.