8th Grade Science

Welcome to 8th Grade Science! I'm excited to dive into learning new things about the world around us! Here's a little bit about what we'll be doing this year.

  • Units of Study
    • The Nature of Science - The Scientific Method
    • Life Science - Reproduction, Heredity, & Evolution
      • Cell Reproduction, Human Reproduction (including the endocrine system), Plant Reproduction, Genetics (Mendelian genetics, Punnett squares, Pedigrees), Evolution (Darwin's studies, Natural Selection, Adaptations)
    • Physical Science - Energy and Matter
      • Movement of energy, Electromagnetic spectrum
    • Earth Science - The Earth, Moon, and Sun System
      • Rotation and Revolution of the Earth, Revolution of the Moon, Other planets in our galaxy
    • Environmental Science - Humans in their Environment
      • Renewable and nonrenewable resources, Alternative energy sources, Changes in the environment
      • Students will use Environmental Science as their theme for the June Science Fair. More information to come in February/March.
  • NYS 8th Grade Science Exam
    • The Science Performance Exam will be administered between May 23 - June 1.
    • The Science Written Exam will be on June 4.