School-based Junior Secondary Mathematics Project
(funded by Quality Education Fund)

The School-based Junior Secondary Mathematics Project is funded by the Quality Education Fund.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to raise students' interest in learning,

  • to help students understand the meaning of learning Mathematics and how Mathematics can be linked with other learning areas and daily lives, and

  • to promote students' ability to integrate and apply mathematical knowledge and skills on other learning areas.

Activity booklets are designed for 7 different topics:

1. Urban Design (Form 1)

2. Making a kaleidoscope (Form 1)

3. Meteorological analysis (Form 2)

4. Pythagoras' Theorem (Form 2)

5. Designing a Healthy Diet Menu (Form 3)

6. Estimation of the height of main building (Form 3)

7. Infectious disease model (Form 3)

Please click the topic names above to see the corresponding activity booklets.