Culinary Challenges

Honey I'm Home Challenge - 2019

Need to clean out the extra food at the end of the school year? This is a great way to accomplish your goal. Students need to prepare a nutritious, delicious dinner for their hungry family in 30-45 minutes, using only the ingredients in the foods lab. Sometimes I give them a class period prior to the challenge, to allow them to make plans. Other times they "go for it" and just cook with the ingredients. Sometimes they must use required ingredients, such as the directions below, in which students were required to use tilapia or pulled pork from the freezer.

Directions for the In-Focus Projector - It changes each year, based on the food remaining in the pantry, fridges and freezer.

honey i'm home - part 1

Wall Signs to Reward Champions for Each Class Period

Honey, I'm Home Champs!.pdf

Planning Sheet (Not used every year)

Honey I'm Home

Honey, I'm Home - Lab Evaluation

Honey I'm Home Evaluation.docx

Guests Coming For Dinner - 30 minute individual challenge - 2019

Students have 30 minutes to prepare dinner for friends who have showed up unexpectedly. They need to make food that will impress their guests, using only ingredients available in the lab.

Chopped Competition - 2019

Student cooking groups divide into two groups. One group will compete the first day in the main course competition. The other part of their group will evaluate another team as they cook. They will also be judging the final products. Of course, students must use the ingredients in the "Mystery Basket". This The second day, the remaining group members will participate in the dessert competition. Everyone gets the chance to cook and evaluate. It's a great way to see how students apply the principles we've studied all year!

Chopped Rules Presentation

Chopped Rules 2019

Chopped Judging Form

Chopped Judges

Chopped Main Dish - Directions for InFocus Projector

Directions - Chopped Day 1
Directions - Chopped Day 2

Chopped Wall Signs - Students who win each competition have their poster on the classroom wall.

Chopped Champions Wall Sign.pdf

Chopped Certificates - All participants are awarded these.

CHOPPED Certificate Dessert 2019

Tally Sheet - To Determine Winners

CHOPPED Main Dish Tally Sheet

Chopped Comments - All contestants receive the judges comments.

Period 2 Chopped Comments - Dessert

Individual Judging Form - All judges must make comments on the dishes they are selecting. Also, judges can not vote for their own cooking group. Click below to view.

Chopped Judging Form 2019

Mystery Can Challenge - idea from

Mystery Can Challenge.pdf