the harvest is lit by the stars

each grain a lover

we are all lovers

underneath the present moon

one day the tide will roll so high

we’ll just float away the harvest full

the calendar will go on anyway

not astronauts but sky bound we’ll flee

I came across a book, the binding split in two

Then I put my face between those sides and began to see you

Opening the cover there was not yet a message written inside

The two book ends the start and end to who the book would find

I grabbed my pen and wrote the words that ought to fill it up

I think it winds up in the end to be a tale of love

Page one the night we met and my affection began to grow

My naive heart too delicate then to even know

It went on then through chapters and I can't even give it all away

But it's got passion, flaws, thoughtful words and lessons every page

I'll tell you this, the world it shows through first person account

But shh! Secret are the obstacles that over time our characters surmount

Some pain it has though it is small and easily forgotten

In a theme of living life finding good in all there is that's rotten

A song is found between the words,

no brighter notes penned before these pages

A symphony that fills the world with hope, a song strongly contagious

So far some words are missing like I love and love you too

There's no doubt in mind that by the end they will always be true

It's quite a lengthy story but I'd write it every day

I held these covers around my face and I'll never be the same.

Sometimes I lose the starlight in my eyes,

wander meekly 'round and wonder why

I tell myself everything will work out fine

though a song can bring my heart to blistered cleaves

a block can make me fall fast to my knees

eyes bound as breathing only comes in dreams

I see inside something fighting unassisted

set it free

let your self be loved

I shake with desire to touch your skin—the vessel for your being

to reach inside and feel connected

you let me in then slammed the door shut

I built my own house

you have the key to

live here with me

Have you ever been so lost in a moment

forgot time existed

what there was before and what had happened after

every day of progress shattered when it comes back

his face

his touch

his smell

his smile


No escape comes easily when your mind is trapped in misery

freed at last by running away

but so susceptible to insanity

He wouldn't stop

and now he'll always be there

the boy who took my faith and trust

abused my life for greed and lust

and the fucker probably has no idea

the strength it took to shed a sea of tears deep enough

to emerge from the hole

he dug for me

for a while I thought I healed quite wrong

no faith or trust in what people said

words of support translated as everyone just wants things to go their way

no opportunity for intimacy

opportunities lost painfully

it’s not coming— the route ends before 3

quick walk to the station but just there for the scene

we turn around for a returned departure

lay out the futon you fall asleep while i’m tortured

the blankets were ‘dirty’ so i fold them back up at your request

my lip quivers as i pull my knees to my chest

now my hands hold each other, we shouldn’t be here

I love you darling but you’ll never call me dear

and i stomped in that puddle but my feet they’ve gone cold

still now we’ve returned—tomorrow i’ll walk alone

i’m afraid walking through this door we’re just passing time

i’m afraid walking through this door i won’t leave anything behind

not the soul i brought inside—there’s no part of me with you

nor warm tears on your pillow -no i wouldn’t let that be true

our phones ring to wake us before the sun draws any color

i put on my pants and we’re back on your schedule

cold coffee fills our cups, you cover the bill

i wonder still though have we abandoned potential

you run for the bus and i unlock my bike from the fence

and realize an end now would lack consequence

Built my puzzled self without seeing the bigger picture. ..now I'm tracing my fingers over the pieces, all factors in who I am right now and will be tomorrow . There are some things I still don't understand and wish I could erase, but I like who I am. I guess the bad had to happen too?

Eventually I'll forget

I'll pick at grass while gazing to the clouds thinking about

my lover's eyelashes

tossing it aside

the green blades will blend together

Eventually I'll forget

I'll dance around that tree thinking about

my lover's strength

feeling it then surrounding me

his embrace

Eventually I'll forget

a song will cross my window

my lover's whisper

hearing it then

his breath will cross my lips

You think you're pretty clever

you've got a nasty tongue

but I kind of dig the way

you can't sensor anything

your ideas get kind of weird

another what if brain web

I think I really like it...

can I get wrapped up in your life

Bucket List

Play clarinet with Yoyo Ma

Meet Chelsea Lately and Tucker Max (goal in 2010 or so)

Scale a mountain

Dive to the deepest depths of the ocean

Live in other cultures

Stop time in the happiest moment forever

Feel like things can't get any better and then have my expectations be surpassed

Dance on clouds

Have the strength to pick up a house and move it

Be able to cook anything

Run down the entire Great Wall of China

Explore the pyramids in Egypt

Visit every country

Have my life work contribute to something meaningful

Care about someone more than I care about life

Believe that everyone does everything for the betterment of community


Breathe under water

Wrestle a whale

Communicate with animals

Design a fashion line and see people wearing my creativity

Live in the highest space ever

Draw a perfect circle

Grow a tomato garden

Know every language

Know nothing again so everything is new

Know what every artist was thinking when they made their work

Run forever