We want people that share our vision.

Living Micro invites investors, partners, and owners who share our vision for the future of real estate. We believe in collaborative growth and welcome those who are aligned with our mission to join us in shaping the future of affordable housing. 

Living Micro presents a scalable and programmatic solution to the pressing need for affordable housing. By acquiring underperforming hotels at substantial discounts, we repurpose them into low-cost, quality apartments, leveraging existing infrastructure and minimizing operational expenses. This innovative approach allows us to provide affordable housing solutions efficiently and repeatably. 

With expertise in real estate, construction, and property management, Living Micro ensures a seamless and efficient conversion process. Our converted apartments are designed to provide smaller, more efficient living spaces that align with the growing trend of minimalistic living. By addressing affordability concerns, we offer attractive options for individuals and families seeking practical yet affordable housing solutions. 

The Living Micro sponsor group boasts a proven track record of successfully purchasing and renovating hundreds of hotels, encompassing thousands of hotel rooms. Our demonstrated expertise enables us to manage multiple projects concurrently, while our scalable management systems ensure highly efficient tenant acquisition and service. With our well-established capabilities, we are primed to drive exceptional results. 

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The Living Micro Sponsor Group

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