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What's happening in Global History class:

WEEK 36 , 37, and 38

Monday May 22 (B/D)

Today we will focus on the rise of the Stuart Dynasty in England and how they attempted to ignore the Magna Carta and rule as Absolutists. We will learn about the first two Stuart monarchs today and will wrap up with the final three Stuart Monarchs next class.

Tuesday May 23 (A/C) & Wednesday May 24 (B/D)

Today we continue our look at the Stuart Dynasty of England with the rise of Oliver Cromwell followed by the Stuart Restoration and the Glorious Revolution.

Thursday May 25 (A/C) & Friday May 26 (B/D)

We will begin class today with a QUIZ on the Age of Absolute Monarchs. This will include Louis XIV of France, Peter the Great of Russia, Frederick II of Prussia, and all of the Stuart Monarchs (including Cromwell) through the Glorious Revolution and English Bill of Rights. After the quiz we will begin learning about the Age of Reason starting with the Enlightenment. FRIDAY 5/26 WILL BE A HALF DAY AND WE WILL ADJUST OUR SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY.

Tuesday May 30 (A/C) & Wednesday May 31 (B/D)

Today we will continue our study of the Age of Reason by looking at how modern thinkers brought about new advancements and discoveries in the sciences which led to changes in the way that people viewed their place in the world and the role of kings and the church when defining how the universe works.

Thursday June 1 (A/C) & Friday June 2 (B/D)

Today we will take a QUIZ on the Age of Reason which will include questions about the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution - know your people!! After the quiz we will begin reviewing for the Final Exam which we be given on Monday June 12.

Monday June 5 (A/C) & Tuesday June 6 (B/D)

Today we will review for the Final Exam by focusing on Units One & Two

Wednesday June 7 (A/C) & Thursday June 8 (B/D)

Today we will review for the Final Exam by focusing on Units Three & Four

Friday June 9 (A/C) - Last day of regular classes

Today we will have one last day of review before the final exam on Monday.


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