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What's happening in Global History class:

WEEK 24 & 25

Monday February 27 (A/C) & Tuesday February 28 (B/D)

We will begin with a QUIZ on the religion of Islam, the Islamic Caliphates and the Kingdoms of West Africa, along with the Golden Ages that were experienced in the Muslim world during this time period. After the quiz we will switch our focus to Asia and learn about the Tang and Song Dynasties of China.

Wednesday March 1 (A/C) & Thursday March 2 (B/D)

We will continue our study of China by focusing on it's relationship with the neighboring Mongol clans who lived across the Gobi Desert and the conflict between China and the Mongols during the 12th century.

Friday March 3 (A/C) & Monday March 6 (B/D)

Today we will wrap up our study of China by focusing on the Pax Monglica and the empire that was created by the Mongols throughout much of Asia during the 13th century. We will also learn about a family of European merchants who visited the Mongol leaders of China during this time.

Tuesday March 7 (A/C) & Wednesday March 8 (B/D)

You will have a QUIZ today on the Tang & Song Dynasties as well as the Mongol Yuan Dynasty of China and their empire. Following the quiz we will shift our focus back to the Middle East and Byzantine Empire and we look at the Crusades, an armed conflict between European Christians and Muslim Turks over control of lands along the levant.

Thursday March 9 (A/C) & Friday March 10

Today as we will wrap up the Crusades we will study the impact of the Crusades on trade and the socio-economic changes that occur in Europe as a result of increased commerce between the Middle East and Europe - known as the Commercial Revolution. ALSO - TODAY (3/10) IS THE LAST DAY OF MID-MARKING PERIOD GRADING. 5-WEEK REPORTS (GRADES & COMMENTS) WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE BY 3/17.


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