Ms. Hunter's Classroom Website

My name is Colleen Hunter and I am working with your child in 7th grade

with the 7R and 7S team of teachers. I am their special education teacher for 7th grade.

Thank you for visiting my website.

On the BOTTOM of this page, I have listed the 7th grade teachers' names.

Visit their websites for important information.

Note: HW assignments are WRITTEN in my classroom on a daily basis .

Parents: If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at 453-1283 (school phone#) and by school email:

This link is to SchoolTools - you can log into this and see all information about your child, including his/her grades.

This link is to the main district's calendar for this school year.

This link is to Soule Road Middle School's main website.

7R teachers: Both Teams: 7S teachers:

English - Mrs. Meeker Read 180 - Mrs. Skipper English - Mr. Marano

Math - Mrs. Correll, Ms. Allen PE - Mr. Jackson/Miss Henson Math - Ms. Lynch, Ms. Allen

Science - Mrs. Francis Health - Miss Cherock Science- Mrs. Rentz

Social Studies - Mr. Wentworth Art - Mrs. Sapareto Social Studies - Mr. Goode

FACS - Mrs. Miller

Technology- Mr. Stein

Chorus - Mr. Hopkins

Band - Mrs. Salem

Spanish - Mr. Pratt, Mrs. McGrane, Mrs. Waite

French - Mrs. Massenzio

Library - Mrs. Silverman

Therapists and Related Services:

Speech Therapist- Mrs. Nicole Valentine

School Psychologist - Mrs. Melisa Knopp

Occupational Therapist - Ms. Joanna Jann

Physical Therapist - Mrs. Elaine Wright

APE teacher - Mrs. Maureen Messerschmidt

Guidance counselors - Ms. Beth Serafin (7S) , Mrs. Jessica Kersey (7R)