Welcome to Room 124

Contact me:

Call Soule Road Middle School at 453-1283

Email at jlynch@liverpool.k12.ny.us

Welcome to Room 124 and the beautiful world of mathematics!

Hello! My name is Jean Lynch, and I am pleased and proud to be your child's Math 7 teacher for the S team.

These are the best ways to reach me if you have any comments, questions or concerns:

1) Call Soule Road Middle School at: (315) 453-1283

2) Email me at work: jlynch@liverpool.k12.ny.us

3) Email me at home: muttilynch1@yahoo.com

4) Check your child's grade at any time by going to SchoolTool

"There's no word in the language I revere more than teacher. My heart sings when a kid refers to me as his teacher, and it always has. I have honored myself and the entire family of man by becoming a teacher." -Pat Conroy