Mr. Cirulli

Social Studies

Welcome to Mr. Cirulli's Social Studies Webpage!!

Welcome to Mr. Cirulli's Webpage.

This is my 8th year teaching at Liverpool High School and I am currently located in room 802.

Fall 2017 Semester Schedule:

I am currently teaching 3 sections of Global 10A and 2 sections of Economics 12A this semester

A/C Days

1- Economics 12A

2- Academic Advisement

3- Planning

4/5/6- Global 10A (5/6) & Lunch (4)

7- Economics 12A

B/D Days

1- Duty

2- Academic Advisement

3- Global 10A

4/5/6- Planning & Lunch

7- Global 10A

Online assignment information & online submission can be located on each class' Google Classroom

(students will have already signed up for their corresponding course & section)

Contact me by email:



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