Ms. Dischiave's Class Website


Welcome to my class website! This website will allow you to see an assignment calendar for each of the course that I will be teaching this school year, and any reminders for the LHS community. If you should need anything please do not hesitate to ask.

Fall Schedule: All classes are in Room 231

  • 1AC- Economics
  • 2AC- AA
  • 3AC- Planning
  • 5/6AC- Government
  • 7AC- US History
  • 1BD- Economics
  • 2BD- AA
  • 3BD- Study Hall (Library)
  • 4/5BD- US History
  • 7BD- Planning

LHS Reminders:

December 4th- Board of Education Meeting

December 7th- Half day for students

December 14th- 5 week marking period ends

December 17th- Board of Education Meeting

December 21st- Progress reports published, Winter pep rally

December 22nd- January 2nd- Winter Break (No School)

Major announcements for each topic that is taught can be found in the navigation at the top of this page. An assignment calendar for each class can also be found under the navigation. Students can access all assignments in Google Classroom.