Why Sponsor?

The goal of this FIRST Robotics program is to introduce students of high school age to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). This program introduces student to STEM to help prepare them for their future and to guide them as well as encourage them to go on to continued studies on these topics.

These students of today will are going to be the mechanics, technicians, designers, the architects, the engineers, and the scientist of the next generation of technologies. In today's environment and tomorrow’s new technologies, the USA stands in short supply of qualified professionals to meet the demand. This program is designed to get students in this community prepared to face the demands and challenges of tomorrow’s technologies.

Students from this Liverpool High School FIRST program have gone off to many of the top engineering colleges or other areas of continued education. From this program there are students that have had summer jobs, internships and careers at companies like Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Welch Allyn, Carrier, Toyota, MIT’s Lincoln Research Labs, Lockheed Martin, Advanced DC Motors and RoboShop just to name a few.

Two ways to donate!

(1) Send a 100% tax deductible donation to:

Liverpool High School
ATTN: Eric Hubbard
4338 Wetzel Road
Liverpool, New York 13090

Please make checks payable to "LHSPTO" and note "Robotics" in the memo line. The Robotics Team receives 100% of these donations.

(2) Electronically make a 100% tax deductible donation by clicking the link below to be directed to our Ed.co crowdfunding website. The robotics team receives 95.1% of donations made through this web site. Please share this link widely!

Community Level Sponsors:


  • An investment in the future

Friend- $100

  • Team Shirt (1)
  • Name/Company on Website
  • Invitation to the Finger Lakes Robotics Competition
  • Emails with news articles on the team
  • Invitation to visit team work session.

Sponsor- $250

  • All of the above plus...
  • Name/company name on team shirt
  • Invitation to the end of the year picnic

Patron- $500

  • All of the above plus...
  • Name/Company shown on one side of the robot
  • Name/company included in press releases

Corporate Level Sponsors:

Silver Level- $1000

  • Company name/logo on team shirts
  • Company logo on robot
  • Company representatives invited to present

Gold Level- $2500

  • All Silver Level benefits, plus...
  • Announced as sponsor at competitions
  • Larger, more prominent company logo on team shirt
  • Company logo on two sides of the robot
  • Company logo shown in pit area at competition

Platinum Level- $5000

  • All Gold Level benefits plus...
  • Company logo on the wall where team photos and press photos are shot
  • Largest, most prominent company name/logo on team shirts
  • Company name/logo is largest/most prominent on three sides of the robot
  • Large presentation check provided for comapny representative to present with press release/photo sent to local media
  • Opportunity of on-site presentation of robot with students, advisors and mentors at your company to demonstrate the value of your investment
  • Email updates on news showcasing the team

Tax Deductible donations may be made through www.snobot.org/donate

2016 End of the Year Picnic

2017 Sponsors on Robot

2018 First Power-Up! T-Shirt Design