Residential Services

Your Computer Information

Below you can enter you computer infomation so I can have it on file for those times I will have to evaluate for hardware replacement or upgrades. All information will be held in strict confidence.

One time services

Virus Removal

We will scan and remove virus and malware from your computer. After the first removal we will scan again to be sure everything is gone. Then we will check to see if your current antivirus is running and up to date. Clean your startups and browser cache. Then we will close your ticket and inform you the job is done.

Virus Removal starts at 69.99

For any extreme circumstances you will be informed and given options to proceed. In extreme cases we may need to reinstall your operating system so be sure you have all 3rd party software and licenses for those software including your operating system key. Litzsey Tech Services is not responsible for illegal software on your computer. We will back up any data and restore it upon reinstallation of your operating system.

After your computer is done we will install the Litzsey Tech Services app. There is no charge for it and you can use it to get in touch with me at anytime with an issue you are having with your computer.

If you’d like, this product can also help us proactively monitor and fix issues on your computer when they arise. I’d be happy to tell you about the monthly packages we offer.

Data Backup

Everyone has those special moments they save on their computers to enjoy over and over. I'm sure some have those important documents and data that isn't replaceable. So we offer two backup options. One where we can use a USB drive and simply back up that data to the drive. The other is to install a network attached storage on to your local network where all the people in the house can backup their data on the drive. Call for more information 872-221-0141

Residential Managed Services

Below is the link to the Litzsey Tech Services app. This app at its basic level will allow you to contact me 24/7. Also it will allow you to take a screen shot of the problem to better help me figure out what's wrong. This app takes up minimal resources and doesn't threaten your privacy. Below the link is a diagram of the services offered through the app. Each level of services explained below that. If you have any questions contact me anytime at or 872-221-0141.

Each service is controlled by the Litzsey Tech Services app, it's a lightweight application that is installed on your computer and runs in the background with minimal to no impact on your computer’s speed or performance.

All Residential Managed Services are a preventive measure to keep your computer safe and to prevent loss of data and downtime. All services are paid on a monthly basis and can be stopped and started or cancelled at anytime without penalty.


Monitoring Package, which includes monitoring and desktop notifications from the Basic package, plus Tech Monitoring. This means that we can proactively see your computer’s issues as they occur and you don’t even need to worry about contacting us. We’ll be in touch with you to let you know the issue and how we can fix it.

Our Monitoring Package is only $9.99 per month.

Monitoring plus AV

Our next package is the Monitoring + Antivirus Package, which includes everything from the first packages, plus Managed Antivirus. This lets us watch out for any harmful viruses that are trying to hurt your computer so it stays secure, and remove any viruses immediately when they arise.

Our Monitoring + AV Package is $14.99 per month.

Monitoring plus AV+

Our most comprehensive package is the Monitoring + AV Plus package. It includes everything from the other packages, plus we’ll include a free computer clean up anytime you need to. This all can be done without you having to bring your computer to me. Extend the lifetime of your machine by letting us clean it for you!

Our Monitoring + AV Plus package is $24.99 per month.