LPS Snow Day Cancellation Pilot

The LPS Snow Day Cancellation Pilot

The LPS Snow Day Cancellation Pilot refers to a practice of providing students with Alternative Structured Learning opportunities to complete in lieu of making up five (5) snow days at the end of the school year in June. This practice has been implemented in several area districts. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) first recognized locally approved ÔÇťAlternative Structured Learning Day Programs" in February 2015. As a Pk-12 district divided into elementary, middle and high schools, we are working to create a model that is flexible within the district, within schools and even within grades to ensure that the alternative instructional activities meet the DESE definition of structured learning time.

Each school year during the winter months, our district has had unexpected school cancellations due to inclement weather. Littleton has had an average of 4.2 cancelled days due to weather over the last five years. Cancelled school days are added to the end of the school calendar in June. Although we firmly believe that the highest form of learning takes place in a classroom with a qualified teacher, support staff or specialist, we also acknowledge that days made up at the end of the school calendar are not of the same quality as those that could be offered with alternative structured learning day opportunities.

The LPS Snow Day Cancellation Pilot will provide Littleton Public School students with authentic, relevant, standards based learning opportunities to replace cancelled school days. Faculty at the elementary and secondary levels are actively involved in planning alternative learning activities/ assignments that align with the Curriculum Frameworks, reflect Reading and Writing Learning Standards across content areas, provide opportunities for blended learning, and encourage student choice and engagement.

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