LHS 1:1 Device Program

Littleton High School will be continuing the 1:1 Program for all students. This 1:1 initiative will allow easy access to technology and best prepare our students for the 21st century. Students in grade 9-12 will be encouraged to bring an approved device to school everyday.

Incoming Freshmen and New Students : If you have not yet registered, please register today!


If your student qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch, please contact the principal to request a waiver or fee reduction.

SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS and SENIORS: If you had registered last year,  you do not need to register again. 

If you have previously registered and want to switch your program option please email technology@littletonps.org.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE LHS 1:1 PROGRAM for incoming freshman and new students

LHS 1_1 Program Guidelines.pdf

Lease/Purchase Model:  11", non-touch, 4G or equivalent

Have more questions??  Visit the FAQs or email technology@littletonps.org