Nature-inspired holistic learning and Transition coaching.


Nature-inspired holistic learning (Verb)

Acquiring Knowledge and experience of the phenomenon of the collective physical world. Through the arising of an external creative impulse. Understanding, that all parts are interconnected and can only be considered as a whole.

We are nature and nature is us!

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This months freebie

Phenology is a term that refers to the observation of the life cycles and habits of plants and animals as they respond to the seasons, weather, and climate. A Phenology Wheel is a circular journal or calendar that encourages a routine of Earth observation where you live.

We have been doing our phenology wheel since June this year and it has been great.

My son loves talking about what he observes; I draw it up in each section for each month. We are going to endeavor to do this over a few years and compare the changes we notice.

Grab your template today and share your Phenology wheel in our Little feathers Facebook group.