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Welcome to the Reimagining Griffin Memorial School webpage. The district is exploring several options to deliver a high quality educational facility for Litchfield elementary-aged students. This is a continuation of a year-long process looking at potential renovation or new construction that was set in motion by voter approval of study funding at both the 2020 and the 2021 district annual March meetings. Several public dialogue sessions are planned that will focus on the educational program and whether the current school building can support the desired program. Based on community feedback, a plan will be brought forward for consideration by Litchfield voters at the March 2022 school district annual meeting. The purpose of this page is to share and archive information, presentations, Litchfield Community TV telecasts and other important information about the process. The Litchfield School District welcomes participation by any interested citizen.

~Mike Jette, Superintendent

~ Dan Mitchell, Principal GMS

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