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How to: Reverse Prospect

Tutorial using Redx, been verified and reverse prospecting How to pull Lists

Dialer Use

How to download and use dialer. Adjust to different sites

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Team Courses, Audio Presentations, Webinars and conversion help.

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HOW TO VIDEOS on Dialer, FUB, YLOPO, Systems FAQ etc.

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BLue Sky Marketing Presentations

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iBuyer Plan

Flyer and info to help sellers

Menu of Options

Top 10 Scripts to Use

Tips & Tricks

  • THEY ARE NOT HOME BUYER OR SELLER LEADS, but home search or home evaluation leads.
  • End everything in a question, right?
  • Don't get Professional. Be human and be interesting to talk to
  • Give to Receive. Don't take from them, give. VALIDATE AND AFFIRM.
  • Intro: Never say, Hi this is jeff with Blue sky, is _____ there? Or Hi, how are you today? Dive right in. Hey, this is Jeff w/ blue sky and I'm calling because...
  • Dive deep into their pain points. Ask questions to discover this. Tell me more...
  • Assume the sale and not ask. Ie, how about we do this... Never " do you want to, or are you willing" its, does 2 or 4pm work better or Whats a good phone and I'll text that over etc...
  • SORRY I didn't want to drop the ball...
  • GET FACE TO FACE. 75% of buyers work with the first agent they meet with. House or pre-qualification DOES NOT MATTER
  • Hi, I see you were SEARCHING for homes on our site. I'm sure you're not thinking of a move for awhile and just browsing right? Curious, what did you like about those homes?
  • Not ready yet... "I so so glad we are able to talk this early in your search. Most people I work with are a number of months out and its smart to get an idea of where you're looking etc.. What areas are you considering? Why? Tell me more....
  • I shop all the time for a home and not moving anytime soon, so i get it. What are you looking for when you move next? Relaxed conversation.
  • Take me off your list.... Oh I'm sorry. You're not on a list, you contacted us somehow and I didn't want to drop the ball in my communication. Maybe a family member was just searching for homes? What did you like about those homes?
  • Most people I work with aren't ready right away and just searching
  • I'm sure you're not looking to buy anytime soon and just searching, but i'd like to enroll you in our VIP buyer program that has a ton of free stuff. When do you have some time to meet? or hop on a Appt Free Virtual Consultation
  • Y Priority Alerts: Hey, sorry if i'm being a pest, I just didn't want to drop the ball. There are a few homes that came up, (use the ones they saw 😉). I know you're not quite ready yet and just searching but I'm happy to take some time to get you in if Its Helpful? No pressure
  • Hey, i know you weren't quite ready to make a move, but I want you to think of me as THE GOOGLE OF REAL ESTATE. No pressure, you can call or text me anytime with any questions. I work with a lot of people so its no big deal if you buy in a year or 10.
  • Did you see the home up the street from you come on the market, go under contract etc..? That home is definitely going to effect your homes value. Let me send you an updated analysis on how that will effect it and what to expect. ok? Set appt to see home.
  • Has an agent: Got it, that speaks really highly of you that you want to maintain that relationship and brining it up now. I found that buyers that are looking on their own many times are receiving less than stellar service so they are searching on their own. Did you know you if you haven't obligated yourself to any agent, then legally you can work with more than one. Its a big purchase, over $500K and you want to make sure you make the right decision right? You owe it to yourself to interview and find the best option. Its all about you!
  • Ok, I'm going to go ahead and setup a a few other properties that just came up. Tell me what is important to you so i hit it out of the park for you? OR. I just had a cancellation this Saturday. A new home came up that i setup. Does it work to meet there at 2 or 3?
  • BONUS: open houses: "Hi, thanks for coming in. GO AHEAD and sign in and IT will send you the flyer... The seller wants to make sure everyone signs in. for security. I made a commitment to them that we would know everyone that came into the home. I trust you can understand that with all the news about things happening at open houses. Its for security. But don't worry we wont spam you or anything. Its just so it can send you the flyer with a good number and to protect the seller. Thats all.


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