Ecology Club

Mission Statement: Members of the Ecology Club show an interest in preserving the environment. Through their actions at school, at home, and in their community, they take small steps towards conservation and preservation of Earth's resources. Members are committed to protecting the Earth by promising to reduce, reuse, and recycle. As a steward of the environment, you help to increase awareness and reduce the school's carbon footprint. One small change can make a huge difference.

2019 - 2020 Club Officers

Presidents: April Clancy and Bich-Yen Pham

Vice-President: Danielle Laue

Secretary/Treasurer: Tony Huang

Public Relations: Carmen Johnson

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Former Ecology Club Officers

2018 -2019: Presidents: Maggie Dooley, Kaylee Gansberg, Griffin Myslewiec, VP: Danielle Laue, Sec/Treas: April Clancy, Public Relations: Bich-Yen Pham

2017-2018: Presidents: Liz LaScala and Michelle Osagie, VP: Emily Baur, Sec/Treas: Bich-Nhu Pham, Public Relations: Emma Peters

2016-2017: President: Tiffany Harmon, VP: Emily Baur, Sec/Treas: Michelle Osagie, Public Relations: Liz LaScala

2015-2016: President: Samuel Tarasewicz, VP: Melanie Rohla, Sec/Treas: Michelle Osagie, Public Relations: Mary Chatman

2014-2015: President: Samuel Tarasewicz, VP: Melanie Rohla, Sec/Treas: Brittany Pham, Public Relations: Kati Young

2013-2014: President: Summer Stitt, VP: Kati Young, Sec/Treas: Samuel Tarasewicz, Public Relations: Melanie Rohla

2012-2013: President: Kelsy Nilles, VP: Eric Osika, Sec/Treas: Jimmy Gill, Public Relations: Kati Young

2011-2012: Presidents: Matt Gill and Becky Fuys, VP: Beth Plucinski, Sec/Treas: Eric Osika, Public Relations: Hannah Groce

2010-2011: Presidents: Tyler Hills and Stephanie Petkovsek, VP: Sami Seiffert, Sec: Robin Krc, Treas: Matt Gill, Public Relations: Tara Sarb

The Lisle High School Ecology Club was started in the 2008-2009 school year.