7th Grade General Music

In 7th grade music students work on 2 key topics, piano and music history. Since the previous year students got a good look at basic piano skill and techniques, this year students will delve deeper into the music. They will focus on harder rhythms, dynamics and more chord playing with a melody line.

The other half of the class will focus on music history. We use a website to start called, "A Trip Through Music History." They will separate into 6 different groups. Each group will have a specific time period which includes, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern. This is an exciting project because each group teaches the other group about each time period. They also must use MLA format which they have learned in ELA. This allows me to help reiterate the information they learned in ELA and use it in music class. The students learn about the time period and composers of the time and they also listen to musical examples. They make the presentation using Google Slides.