Survey of American Music

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Tin Pan Alley and the Theater

I. Tin Pan Alley and American Popular Song

II. American Music Theater

Unit 2: The African-American Tradition

III. African Origins and Acculturation in the New World

IV. Early Commercialization of African-American Music

V. American Blues Traditions

VI. Jazz in New Orleans and Chicago

VII. Jazz Pioneers in Chicago

VIII. Big Band and the Swing Years

IX. Popular Styles in Jazz Since the Swing Era

Unit 3: Country Music and the Anglo-American Tradition

X. The Folk Origins of Country Music

XI. Early Commercialization of Country Music

XII. Country Meets Western

XIII. Nashville Becomes Music City, USA

XIV. From Bluegrass to Young Country

Unit 4: Rock and the Gathering of America's Music

XV. The Origins and Development of Early Rock

XVI. Fifties Pop and Folk Rock

XVII. The British Invasion

XVIII. Psychedelic Rock and Roots Rivivalists

XIX. Gospel, Soul, and Motown

XX. From Progressive Rock to Reggae in the 70's

XXI. Hard and Soft Rock in the 70's

XXII. New Heights and High Tech in the 80's

XXIII. Many Sounds from Many Places in the 90's

XXIV. Music in a New Millennium