Music Technology

Introduction to Notation Software

  • Anatomy of the Software
  • Common language shared/similar across the different platforms
  • Short cuts/Quick Commands
  • Using a midi controller vs. using a QWERTY keyboard for note entry
  • Examining popular trends in music composition
  • Composition for Unpitched Percussion using Noteflight
  • Pedal Point Duet Composition Project using Muse Score
  • Finale & Sibelius-a brief look at some of the features of two of the professional standards in music composition and engraving

Intro to Garageband

  • Anatomy of the Software
  • Short cuts/Quick Commands
  • Recording Live Sound
  • Working w/ Pre-Recorded Audio and Midi Data
  • Loop Library/Creating Custom Loops

Loops & Layering Project

  • MIDI vs. Audio Loops
  • Exploring the Loops Library
  • Creating Custom Loops

Podcasting Project

  • Script Writing for Talk Radio/Podcasting
  • Research topic in the field of music
  • Select, clip and/or edit audio examples to illustrate your key points
  • Record your monologue using studio quality equipment
  • Produce and publish your show

Composing a Ringtone

Creating a Remix of a Simple Classical Melody

Film Scoring Project

  • Brief chronology of music in film
  • Public domain films and early animated shorts
  • Exploring the role of the film director, screen play writer, composer, and foley artist.