Kindergarten General Music

Our music & early childhood curriculum is based on First Steps in Music Curriculum by Dr. John Feierabend of the Hartt School of Music. Dr. Feierabend is one of the world's foremost authorities on teaching music to young children. A more in depth bio and complete list of published works can be found at

  • Pitch Exploration: vocal sirens, high vs. low, loud vs. soft, singing vs. speaking
  • Distinguishing between the different functions of the voice: speaking, singing, whispering, shouting
  • Songs & Rhymes with Beat Motions: Games for the Development of Steady Beat
  • Finger Plays and Action Songs
  • Echo Songs
  • Beginning Circle Games
  • Movement Exploration & Laban Movement Exercises
  • Expressive Movement w/ Move It! Series (classical music with choreographed movement)
  • Song Tales and Exploring Children Literature through Music