Grade 4 General Music

At the beginning of each class the students will learn about a different instrument each week by playing a video or two. It will be an instrument that the school doesn't own so that students can see all the amazing instruments that are out in the world! This will tie into music history so students can start to understand where all the instruments originally came from.

Over the next year students will have a focus on Orff style of teaching students using percussion instruments. The xylophone, marimba and glockenspiel will be used to help them read musical notation. They will begin to understand how to combine melody with harmony while also having unpitched percussion instruments help keep the beat.

The main project this year will be writing a soundtrack for a simple video that has no sound. They will need to use all of the knowledge they gain from there Orff study and put it to use to create music. This will be created using two technology music programs called iMovie and GarageBand.

Throughout the year we will also do work with Solfege, singing, music composition, body percussion and recorder.