Band Program

The Lisbon Community School Beginning Band is made up of students in 4th and 5th grade who are in their first and second year of studying a band instrument. Student in this ensemble work on developing good posture and hand position, breath control, intonation, phrasing, pitch and rhythm literacy, and articulation (tonguing, sticking, bowing) as well as how to follow a conductor. At the core of a performing performing ensemble is collaboration, respect, and a shared passion for making beautiful music.

At the beginning of each school year the music department holds an assembly with Music & Arts Center on west Falmouth to demonstrate each of the band instruments. At the conclusion of the assembly sign up notices will be distributed along with information about of Rental Night. Students will also get a chance to try out some of these instruments in their 4th grade general music class. The rental night for band instruments is typically held on the second Tuesday of September in the LCS Gymnasium. To ensure that your child makes an informed decision when choosing an instrument the music department puts on an "instrument petting zoo" where students can try out each of the instruments and get a mini lesson from a high/middle school student mentor.

The ensemble performs three times throughout the school year: Winter Concert in January, District Band Night in April, and Spring Concert in May. Concert are held in the LCS Gymnasium. Admission is $2.00 per person or $5.00 per family. We are always in need of parent volunteers to assist with the set up and break down of concerts.

If you have any question about our program please contact Jonathan Carsley at

Join our Facebook group page to stay connected with current and past members and get weekly updates about our program.This is a closed network group for ensemble members and their families. All new members require the approval of the site administrator.

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Google Classroom

In addition to our Facebook group page check our Google Classroom portal for weekly updates on practice materials, tools for musicians, and other resources. Class code to join the portal is j641c4y

LCS Band Demo Letter Sept. 5, 2018
LCS 2018-19 Band Students Handbook.doc
LCS Band Supply List

Pro Metronome App

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