Lisbon Music Department

Mission Statement: The Lisbon Music Department offers general music instruction to all students from grade K to 12. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of developing both tonal and rhythmic skills as well as skills in music literacy. As a faculty, we also acknowledge the significance of the research done by Dr. Howard Gardiner on the multiple intelligences and its implications in the classroom. Our music learning sequence is a thoughtful and purposeful blend of the pedagogical practices of the Dr. John Feierabend, the Americanized Kodály Method, Orff Schulwerk, Laban Movement and Suzuki Method.

We strive to provide students opportunities to create, perform, and respond to music. In addition to our general music curriculum we offer students the opportunity to perform in one of our school ensembles. Currently we offer chorus to students in grades 3 to 12, band from grades 4 to 12, and strings from grades 3-12. Students in these ensembles work to: develop skill and technique on their chosen instrument through performing exercises and concert literature, understand the nuance of form and style, further their skills in reading music and apply the principles of music theory, and to perform expressively alone and with others.