Fifth Grade

MobyMax is a general practice page that adapts to student abilities for math, ELA, social studies, and Science. Students have username and password provided from their teacher.

Students should send 2 hours working on math and ELA, and an hour each on science and social studies.

ConnectEd Online textbook and practice pages for both math and ELA strands. Students have assigned username and password from their teacher.

Students should spend 20 minutes reading daily to develop strong readers and writers. Username and password are displayed on student profile on LISA database or SIMS database.

Math practice skills. Optional math activity page students can utilize or create their own accounts if wanted.

Current events for nonfiction reading based around social studies. Assignments will be created by teacher as appropriate.

Math practice with instruction through Trigonometry.

Math practice for extra fun (optional).

Grammar practice to increase writing proficiency.

General practice skills for math, science, social studies, and literacy.

Math and English test prep.

Math fact fluency practice, optional

Science practice page